About Tony

Welcome to my world! My name is Tony, and I’m excited to tell you a little about myself. I am a born and bred Texan, with roots deep in the South. I love this area of the World, with it’s endless sky and wide open expanses, some call it flat and dull, but to locals we learn to love the natural beauty!

I’ve always loved photography - it started with a Pentax K1000 and a pair of Bald Eagles nesting off of TX-29 near Llano. I wasn’t even old enough to go and get the film developed myself, but that was enough to get the spark going.

Fast forward about a decade - I’m in High School, building websites and designing graphics full time when the firm I’m with is approached by a few gentlemen wanting to turn a small website about the Texas Hill Country into a business. We dropped everything and as of 2018 we built a sprawling business with over 2 million social media fans, millions of hits a month on our main website, and over 20,000 pages on the site with me as the Creative Director.

In between all of that I was also the General Manager for a non-profit here in Lubbock, where I not only ran 2 large indoor sports facilities, but we had the city’s only permanent homeless shelter. It was a monumental task for someone with such little prior business management experience, but I stepped up and invested myself 100% to the task.

What does any of this have to do with photography? Well, absolutely nothing! I also had hobbies such as building cars, action sports (one of our indoor facilities was a skatepark) video production, and put together countless events for area action sports athletes and facilities, so very little time was left over to pursue those powerful images I really wanted to capture. I of course shot family photos, graduations, events, etc during this time, but my passion lies in other mediums such as landscape, astro, nature and conservation.

I now have more free time  to commit to chasing the powerful, unique images that are in my mind. Photography has taught me to see the world in a different perspective. Behind the lens, the prosaic normalities of life can become art. What many consider mundane, I seek to expose as beautiful and extraordinary. I constantly find myself in uncomfortable, exhausting, and sometimes dangerous scenarios just to capture something truly compelling.

The memories and experiences behind those photos make them even more powerful. I hope that while you’re looking though my favorite images, some of that passion and energy is conveyed to you and inspires you to look at your world through a new lens.